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Original Oil Paintings of Rowing and Skiing Scenes from Morris Greenberg, 1970s

Original Oil Paintings of Rowing and Skiing Scenes from Morris Greenberg, 1970s

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A pair of 1970s original oil-on-canvas paintings by Morris Greenberg.  Both paintings can best be described as folksy or primitive in the best way possible, with all of the subjects showing movement through simplicity of form and boldness of color and texture.  The first painting depicts seven skiiers in various stages of movement going downhill on two intersecting slopes, hair in the breeze, knees bent, happily gliding, or working to stay balanced--all of these expressions are found set on these snowy hills flanked by snow-capped trees in the background.  The second painting has five boat teams rowing down a river to the sounds of their coxswains.  A domed building is seen off in the distance above the treetops as the rowers move quickly towards a bridge intersecting the river.  The skiing painting is housed in a silver metal frame with white painted inverted detail that shows some scratches and wear.  The back of the frame shows the wooden frame that the canvas has been stretched over, and a hanging wire is attached to the frame with screw eyes.  The rowers painting is not framed but the canvas is stretched over the wooden frame.  No dust covers are present. 

The skiing painting measures 15 1/2" wide and 11 7/8" tall and the frame measures 17 1/4" wide and 13 1/2" tall and is signed "Morris Greenberg 1977."  The rowers painting measures 14" wide and 10 1/4" tall and is signed "Morris Greenberg."  There is a little bit of gilding on the canvas that was transferred from the old wood frame that can easily be flaked off.  Both paintings are in good condition.  I can't help but think the larger painting would benefit from being restretched and framed again as the canvas isn't "tight." 

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