Origami by Georgie Davidson

$ 12.00

Georgie Davidson, 'Origami,' published by Larousse & Co., Inc., 1975.

Origami is a 96 page softcover measuring 9 1/2" x 7 1/4".  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

Most of the development of the exquisite art of paper folding is accredited to the Japanese--hence its name, Origami.

Origami affords endless scope for inventiveness in the making of beautiful paper shapes, and one of its greatest qualities as a creative medium lies in its therapeutic benefits:  working with Origami one can concentrate, relax and in this way achieve tranquility.

This book gives all the information the beginner needs to become proficient in this ancient art that is still so relevant today.  The author specifies the different kinds of paper which can be used if necessary as alternatives to the true Origami paper which is brightly colored on one side and white on the other.  She describes the basic paper shapes (the triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, etc.) and explains and provides exercises for the vitally important forms of folding.

Once these fundamentals have been established, the reader is gradually introduced to the full range of possibilities the full range of Origami affords.  These include simple toys that a child can make; a festive Easter scene; a Noah's ark; decorations for Halloween; a Nativity scene and other ideas for Christmas such as table settings, party hats and gift wrappings; special cards for invitations and announcements.  The guiding principle throughout the book is to proceed from the simple to the complex, adapting basic models for more elaborate creations, thus building up your who Origami repertoire.

ISBN:  0-88332-027-4