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Okapi Fever by Philippe Diole

Okapi Fever by Philippe Diole

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Okapi Fever by Philippe Diole is a 277-page hardcover published by The Viking Press, New York, 1963.  Book Club Edition. The dust jacket and book are in very good condition, with no consequential flaws except no-show tanning to the inside dust jacket spine.  The pages are clean and unmarked and the binding is in as-new, tight and square condition.

Book Summary

The year is 1963.  From the southernmost city of Portugese Angola, five Europeans--three men and two girls--set out for the Congo River in a pickup truck and a jeep.  This engrossing novel of outward and inward adventure tells how, with emotions at fever pitch, they made their illegal journey of more than two thousand miles over the worst trails in Africa, through regions laid desolate by civil war and anarchy.

Okapi Fever not only tells a story that continually holds the reader's attention but paints an extraordinarily vivid picture of colonial Africa in total disruption.  As one advance reader, Eric Mosbacher, has written, "the wealth of significance and implications that emerge from Diole's telling of the story, at one level no more than that of a journey through the bush, is really quite remarkable.  Okapi Fever is a convincing story of human relations...full of penetrating insights into a content in turmoil."

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