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Nureyev by Julie Kavanagh

Nureyev by Julie Kavanagh

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Nureyev by Julie Kavanagh is a 782-page softcover published in 2007 by Vintage Books.  The overall condition is very good.  There is some accidental dogearing to several pages.  Else, the book shows no signs of being read.

Book Summary

Rudolf Nureyev, one of the most iconic dancers of the twentieth century, had it all:  beauty, genius, charm, passions, and sex appeal.  No other dancer of our time has generated the same excitement, for both men and women, on or off the stage.

In this superb biography, Julie Kavanagh deftly brings us through the professional and personal milestones of Nureyev's life and career:  his education at the Kirov school in Leningrad; his controversial defection from the USSR in 1961; his long-time affair with the Danish dancer Erik Bruhn; his legendary partnership with Margot Fonteyn at the Royal Ballet in London.  We see his fiery collaborations with almost all the major living choreographers, including Ashton, Balanchine, Robbins, Graham, and Taylor.  And we see Nureyev as he reinvigorated the Paris Opera Ballet in the early 1980s before his death from AIDS complications in 1993.  Nureyev:  The Life is the most intimate, revealing, and dramatic picture we ever had of this dazzling, complex figure.

ISBN:  978-0-375-70472-7

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