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Noah John Rondeau: Adirondack Hermit by Maitland C. De Sormo

Noah John Rondeau: Adirondack Hermit by Maitland C. De Sormo

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Noah John Rondeau: Adirondack Hermit by Maitland C. De Sormo is a 204-page hardcover published in 1969 by The Willard Press.  The dust jacket has some open chips and little tears.  Inside, there is  name in ink to the front endpaper and on the title page.  There is some damp staining but overall the book is in fair condition.  This is a reader's copy.

Book Summary

Although the Adirondacks have had their full share of hermits down through the years, nearly all of them have been the unfriendly type who, for various reasons, try their almost to avoid any contact with their fellow man. There were, however, two noteworthy exceptions: Adirondack French Louie 1833 to 1915, who's habitat was the Canada Lakes Region, and Noah John Rondeau 1883 to 1967, The Hermit mayor of Cold River City population one, whose Valley WIC was in the heart of the incomparable High Peaks section of Essex County.

The hard-drinking, far-ranging Louis was of course immortalized in 1952 and it remarkable volume by the late Harvey Dunham.  Even though Noah John had been "discovered" by members of the Troy 46er organization in the mid-30s, and by hunters and fishermen long before that time, it was not until about the start of World War II that he began to demonstrate his ability to entertain audiences.

Then, in late 1947, Clayt Seagears, of the New York State Conservationist Magazine staff, wrote the classic article which resulted in Rondo's airlift to the fame and his subsequent appearance at the national Sportsman Show in New York City. Starting their gave Noah about four years of national recognition and numerous other engagements in big cities and small.

Turn his days at is Cold River Hermitage Rondo kept a diary much of it in code he also wrote numerous length of the letters and practices own matchless brand of poetry. Extensive excerpts from each of these phases of his considerable writing skills are included in the book.

Of special interest are his fiery feud with the game protection branch of the Conservation Department and the intriguing account of his two trials. Also fascinating are his extremely lively and characteristic journal entries about politics and politicians, big business and big shots and the frustrations and exasperations felt by all the less fortunate folks.

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