Murder in Baker Street New Tales of Sherlock Holmes Edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg, and Daniel Stashower

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Murder in Baker Street New Tales of Sherlock Holmes, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg, and Daniel Stashower is a 277-page hardcover published in 2001 by MJF Books, New York.  The condition of both the book and dust jacket are very good, with clean pages and tight binding.

Book Summary

One of the greatest fictional characters ever created, Sherlock Holmes appeared in 4 novels and 56 short stories before Sir Arthur Conan Doyle finished with him in 1927.  Since that time, however, the Holmes mythology has continued to grow.  For those who have devoured the original "canon" and crave more, Murder in Baker Street is a wholly satisfying solution--a collection of wonderfully gripping new stories written by some of today's best crime writers.

Providing Holmes with new cases and conundrums to solve, these 11 tales lovingly recreate the world Conan Doyle first imagined 100 years ago.  Inside you'll find the faithful Dr. Watson and many other characters immortalized by Doyle, including the detective's arch-rival Professor Moriarty, who devises a fiendish new method of kidnapping children in "The Case of the Bloodless Sock."  Other tales in this volume--such as "The Siren of Sennen Cove" featuring a ghostly seductress who lured men to their deaths, and "The Case of the Vampire's Mark," where Holmes must hurry to save a boy dying from mysterious bite marks on his neck--pit Holmes's keen, rational mind against the supernatural.  Still other stories are footloose and fanciful reinventions of the Holmes legacy, such as "A Hansom for Mr. Holmes," told from the point of view of a cabby who unwittingly helps Holmes discover an assassin, and "The Adventures of the Arabian Knight," in which Holmes and Watson help the famous explorer Sir Richard Burton recover the missing map of King Tut's tomb.  Finally, there are 3 entertaining and enlightening pieces of nonfiction on the subject of Sherlock Holmes and his world, including a series of fascinating reminiscences from Conan Doyle himself.

ISBN-13:  978-1-56731-805-0

ISBN-10:  1-56731-805-3