Morrissey Shot by Linder Sterling

$ 25.00

Morrissey Shot by Linder Sterling is a 139-page softcover published by Hyperion New York, 1992, stated first US edition.  The condition is very good.  

Book Summary

As the founding member of The Smiths and now a solo performer, Morrissey has ascended to a unique position among popular musicians:  more than simply a star, he is a rock idol.  Morrissey Shot is an intimate portrait of a complex and increasingly private man.  A close friend for fifteen years, Linder Sterling has been allowed access to the private world behind the genius.  Her powerful, lyrical photographs capture the drama and tedium of life on the road and offer extraordinary insight into the terrible glamour of celebrity.  With 200 exclusive and never-before-seen photographs, Morrissey Shot is truly a keepsake for his ever-expanding audience.

ISBN:  1-56282-773-1