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Morimura Brothers (Japan) Porcelain Bowls with Hand Painted Pink Flowers

Morimura Brothers (Japan) Porcelain Bowls with Hand Painted Pink Flowers

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A pair of delicate porcelain pedestal bowls from Morimura Brothers featuring two top-set handles on the large bowl and each decorated with bands of pink flowers with green leaves and gilded accents throughout.   The large bowl measures 7 1/4" across the handles and 3" high.  The smaller bowls measure 2 1/4" wide and 1 1/2" high.  The bottom of the large bowl is marked "Hand Painted Nippon" with the letter "M" within a wreath, all in green to signify this piece if from Morimura Brothers of Japan.  Each bowl is in good original condition but as these are older pieces, there is some natural paint loss to the gold paint due to handling.

What is Nippon China?

The McKinley Tariff Act was passed by the United States Congress and enacted in 1890.  This law required that all manufactured goods imported to the United States be marked with the country of origin. As "Nippon" was the English word for Japan, goods made there for import into the United States was marked "Nippon" to comply with the law.  This stood in effect until 1921 when it was ruled that the country of origin needed to be in English and thus from 1921 on, any Japanese porcelain exported to the United States was marked "Japan" instead of "Nippon." 

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