Mexico by James A. Michener

$ 12.00

Mexico by James A. Michener is a 625-page hardcover published by Random House New York.  Stated first edition of 1992.  The dust jacket is price-clipped.  Inside, the book is in very good condition.

Book Summary

In James Michener's Mexico, one of the world's greatest bestselling writers tells the story of a tumultuous land, in a novel that vividly captures the sweep of Mexico's colorful history and teems with a multitude of unforgettable characters.

Moving between the past and present--from important events in Mexico's history to the excitement of a modern day bullfight--and ranging from the arid plains of Mexico to Inquisition Spain and Civil War Virginia, here is the stirring sada of a man and a nation searching for their identities.

Norman Clay, an American journalist, arrives in Mexico not only to report on the decisive duel between two celebrated matadors but also to learn more about his family's past.  As he uncovers the story of his Mexican ancestors--among them an indomitable Indian queen, a conquistador priest, and a Confederate expatriate--the dramatic history of Mexico unfolds:  the brilliance and brutality of an ancient native culture; the Spaniards' struggle to win souls and silver in the sixteenth century; the Mexican-American war; and the birth of a modern nation in bloodshed and revolution.

ISBN:  0-679-41649-8