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Meet the Monkeys by Martha Dickson Allen

Meet the Monkeys by Martha Dickson Allen

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Meet the Monkeys by Martha Dickson Allen is a 93-page cloth bound hardcover published by Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1979.  The dust jacket has numerous chips, closed tears and rubbing but is intact.  Inside, there is a small stain on the cloth bound hardcover.  There is a small crayon mark on the copyright pages.  There is a tear to page 31 at the bottom.  Otherwise, the pages are clean and unmarked and the binding is strong. 

Book Summary

Did you know that when a male Silverback Gorilla pulls a leaf from a plant and puts it between his lips, it means he is going to get violent?  Or that getting his beard wet makes the Saki monkey madder than anything else?  Or that when a Woolly monkey is sad it hangs its head and sobs like a human?

These and other fascinating distinctions are explained in this informative but anecdotal guide to many different monkey species.  In easy-to-read text and beautifully detailed drawings author/artist Martha Allen describes the looks, behavior and habitat of each species.  Here you'll meet the red-faced Uakari monkey of South America, the ghost-like Indri of Madagascar, and the Proboscis of Borneo whose nose is four inches long.  A fact-filled text and intricate illustrations make this an invaluable guide.

ISBN:  0-13-574202-1


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