Lisner Jewelry (New York, USA) Gold Tone Brooch Shaped Like a Stemmed Blooming Flower

$ 30.00

A gold tone flower-shaped brooch with flared top and stem on the bottom from Lisner.  The brooch is affixed with a locking c-clasp and measures 1 1/8" across, 1 7/8" tall, and 7/8" deep.  The back is signed "Lisner" and the condition is shiny, clean, and pristine, with no hint of use.

Gold Tone Jewelry

"Gold Tone" refers to a base metal that has been colored gold on the surface, but has no measurable gold content.  Gold Tone jewelry is not recommended for people with sensitivity to nickle or other types of metals, as it can cause a rash.

Lisner Jewelry

From Collector's Weekly:  For nearly 30 years after its 1904 founding, Lisner imported and sold Elsa Schiaparelli's Parisian jewelry in the United States. In the '30s, the company achieved a higher profile by finally selling its own designs that employed Dupont's new colored acrylic plastic called Lucite, as well as clear and colored rhinestones (particularly aurora borealis) and lava stones, as well as chromed, silver-plated, and black japanned metal.