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The Standing Rabbit

Lilly Pulitzer (USA) Long Cotton Sleeveless Dress with Purple Butterflies and White Flowers

Lilly Pulitzer (USA) Long Cotton Sleeveless Dress with Purple Butterflies and White Flowers

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A long cotton sleeveless dress with cotton blend lining from Lilly Pulitzer featuring a repeating design of purple butterflies and white flowers on a mint green background.  The dress is secured with an invisible zipper up the back and is finished with a band of white daisies around the shoulders and bust, and has a 19" slit up the back.  The original label and care instructions are affixed inside the dress and the stated size is a "4."  The exact measurements of the dress in inches are as follows:

  • Bust/Chest:  34"
  • Shoulder:  15"
  • Length:  51"
  • Waist:  32"

The condition is very good, with little to no indication of use.

Will This Dress Fit Me?

Apart from the stated size on the label, we take the following steps to determine a dresses measurements:

  1. Bust/Chest:  We measure across the dress from underarm to underarm, then double the number.  For example, if the measurement across the underarms is 20", we double it to get a 40" bust/chest measurement.
  2. Shoulder:  In the back of the dress, we measure across the top of the dress from shoulder seam to shoulder seam. 
  3. Sleeve Length:  From the middle of the yoke, just below the collar band, we measure out to the seam where the yoke attaches to the sleeve and down to the end edge of the cuff on the sleeve and note the measurement to the nearest 1/4".
  4. Length:  We measure from the top of the neckline to the bottom of the hem along the back.   
  5. Cuff and Bicep Circumference:  We measure across the cuff and bicep, and then double the number to the nearest 1/4".
  6. Waist:  We measure across the dress's waist and double the number.

Measuring for Your Size

Using a flexible tape measure and someone to help you, take the following 8 measurements:

    1. Bust/Chest:  Measure under your arms around your chest at the widest point.  Note the number in inches. 
    2. Waist:  Loosely measure around your body at your natural waistline (Tip:  Bend to the side, and the crease is your natural waistline, usually 2" above the belly button).  Note the number in inches.
    3. Hips:  Measure around the widest point of your hips and rear, usually 8" below the natural waistline.  Note the number in inches.
    4. Shoulder:  Along your back, measure your shoulders from end-to-end.  
    5. Sleeve Length:  In one movement, measure from the nape of your neck, over to the edge of your shoulder, and down your arm to the fleshy part of your palm, keeping arm bent.  Note the measurement to the nearest 1/4".
    6. Length:  From the back, measure from the top of your neck to the bottom of where you prefer the dress to fall.      
    7. Cuff and Bicep Circumference:  Measure around your wrist and bicep to the nearest 1/4". 

    Standard Dress Measurements

    • Size 0-2  Bust:  31.5"-32.5"  Waist:  23"-24"  Hips:  33.5"-35"
    • Size 4-6  Bust:  33.5"-34.5"  Waist:  25"-26"  Hips:  36"-37"
    • Size 8-10  Bust:  35.5"-37.5"  Waist:  27"-28"  Hips:  38"-39"
    • Size 12-14  Bust:  38"-39.5"  Waist:  29.5"-31"  Hips:  40.5"-42"
    • Size 16  Bust:  40"-42"  Waist:  31"-33"  Hips:  42"-44"
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