L.B.J.'s Inner Circle by Charles Roberts

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L.B.J.'s Inner Circle by Charles Roberts is a 223-page hardcover published in 1965 by Delacorte Press, New York.  The dust jacket has light shelf wear and closed tears along the edges.  Inside, the book is pristine, with clean unmarked pages and tight binding.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

Harry Truman said many times, "No one man can fill the presidency."  Tom Jones, who was private secretary to three different prime ministers, wrote that what the United States needs are men "of high competence, great physical vigor, and passion for anonymity."

In this revealing book, the man who was Newsweek's reporter on the President for ten years presents a behind-the-scenes, authoritative close-up of those men with a passion for anonymity who are the President's closest advisers, assistants and confidantes. 

In these pages you will meet and get to know such dynamic men as:  Bill Moyers, the ordained Baptist Minister who at thirty became the youngest man ever to be the President's principal domestic adviser; McGeorge Bundy, former Harvard Dean and Foreign Affairs expert and perhaps the most intimate of intimates; the three Texans who are always near the President but seldom heard in public--Jack Valenti, speech editor; Horace Busby, "Idea Man"; and Marvin Watson, Appointments Secretary.

Few men have been in such excellent position to provide the close examination and insight into the select inner cadre as Charles Roberts, who has worked as a top correspondent covering White House staffs under President Eisenhower, Kennedy, and now Johnson.  The men closest to the President are men the author knows--and he examines them with astuteness, intimacy, and without favor.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  65-21935