Kettlesprings Kilns (Ohio, USA) Souvenir Plate from Promised Land, Pennsylvania

$ 22.00

A round ceramic souvenir plate made by Kettlesprings Kilns featuring points of interest from Promised Land, Pennsylvania, such as the Skytop Club, Newfoundland, Buck Hill Falls Inn, Lake Wallenpaupack, Fairview Lake and The Sterling Inn, all depicted in green on white transferred images.  The plate measures 10" in diameter with a profile height of 1".  The back of the plate is signed "Winter and Spring holidays are wonderful in the Poconos.  State parks and game lands offer outdoor recreation unlimited.  A few of the prominent spots are pictured on the face of your souvenir plate.  Kettlespings Kilns Alliance Ohio 1205-S"  The plate is in very good condition.