Kanawha Glass Company (West Virginia, USA) Marbelized Green Slag Glass Compote

$ 30.00

An opaque white and green ruffle edged slag glass candy dish or compote from Kanawha Glass Company in Dunbar, West Virginia.  The dish measures 5 1/4" high and 5 1/4" wide with a 3" wide pedestal base.  The condition is very good.

Slag Glass and Kanawha Glass Company

Slag glass, otherwise known as marble glass, is opaque pressed glass streaked with color.  The word "slag" is derived from the practice of 19th century English glass makers adding slag from iron-smelting to molten glass to create different designs and effects to the glass.   Kanawha Glass Company was based in Dunbar, West Virginia and produced glass art objects from 1953 until its closure in 1987.