Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding

$ 8.00

Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding is a 318-page paperback, a Signet Classic published by The New American Library, first published in 1742, this copy published in 1960.  The book is in good original condition.

Book Summary

An innocent's odyssey among the status-seekers, Joseph Andrews is the hilarious tale of a poverty-stricken, flagrantly handsome footman adrift in a world of blustering, powdered wigs and robbers, amorous dowagers and rough-and-tumble innkeepers.  Joseph is squired by Parson Adams--a Sancho Panza with a passion for brawls--through a maze of bedroom farces and mistaken identities to find himself suddenly and irrevocably acceptable.  The cornerstone of our realistic fiction, historically precise and eighteenth-century country manners, Henry Fielding's novel is an extravaganza of mortal affectations and vanities.