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Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott

Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott

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Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott is a 508-page paperback published first in 1820.  This copy published by The New American Library in 1962.  There is a crease on the front cover but the rest of the book shows no sign of use.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

Sir Walter Scott gathered a popular audience as no other writer had done before him; a great innovator, he virtually created one of the outstanding literary forms of the past hundred and fifty years--the historical novel.  He infused this genre of fiction with color and spectacle, with romance, action, and suspense.

In Ivanhoe, Sir Walter Scott gives reality to the life of twelfth-century England through his gallery of flesh-and-blood characters.  The disinherited knight Ivanhoe and his fair lady Rowena, Richard the Lion Hearted and Robin Hood--these are people shaped by the forces of tradition, molded by their nation's history.  Through them the past of England comes alive--a past of crusades, chivalry, and courtly love.


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