Italglass Corp. (New York, USA) Glass Salad Dressing Shaker with Printed Recipes on Side

$ 10.00

A salad dressing shaker with graphic writing on the sides with measuring points for Italian Dressing, Mexican Dressing, French Mayonnaise, Provencale Dressing and Sour Cream Sauce from Italglass.  The shaker has a wooden stopper with rubber gasket and the original paper "Made in Philippines" sticker is affixed to the top.  Another paper sticker is affixed to the glass bottle that reads "Italglass Corp. Mouth Blown Souffle Bouche."  The bottle measures 7 3/4" high and 2 3/8" wide and the condition is very good, with clean crisp lettering and no chips, cracks, or hint of prior use.