Inside, Outside by Herman Wouk

$ 12.00

Inside, Outside by Herman Wouk is a 644-page hardcover published in 1985 by Little, Brown, and Company, and is a stated first edition of 1985.  The dust jacket has come small closed tears along the edges and a crease along the inside cover flap.  The book is in very good condition.

Book Summary

Herman Wouk's first new novel in seven years moves on from the grand themes which have won him international acclaim--war, the fate of nations, and the indominatable spirit of man--to a different theme and a profound one:  the quest for identity, in the clash between the Inside of family and faith and the Outside of the glittery American dream.

Inside, Outside sweeps through more than sixty years, from the pre-war, pre-atomic innocence of the twenties and thirties to the turbulent immediate past.  Scenes of rollicking family humor and show-business comedy alternate with sudden tragedy, with the spectacle of a falling President, and with the explosion of war.  A bittersweet first love, relived after forty years, and a tense secret wartime mission between Washington and Jerusalem call forth the author's renowned storytelling gift.  Essentially an intense personal book of intimate things, Inside, Outside is a merry poignant, sometimes ribald picture of the American Jewish experience, by a master of the peak of his powers. 

ISBN:  0-316-95504-3