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Impressionism by Joseph-Emile Muller

Impressionism by Joseph-Emile Muller

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Impressionism by Joseph-Emile Muller is a hardcover published in 1974 by Leon Amiel Publisher, New York.  The dust jacket shows some shelf wear and the book's outside page edges shows foxing.  Else, the condition is good. 

Book Summary

The first centennial of Impressionism undoubtedly would attract little attention if the Impressionist movement were of no more than historical interest.  And whatever the extent of its influence on twentieth century art, it would be less appreciated today if it had not given is a splendid series of masterworks.  When we look at these paintings we see that, although their artists had so much in common, they were each powerful personalities who expressed their uniqueness in a clear and decisive way.  The aim of this book is to show the range of their diversity.  Overlooking anecdotal aspects, it seeks both the define the essential characteristics and to measure the contributions of the major Impressionist masters.  For, if Impressionism today is justly considered as being one of the great periods in the history of painting, it is thanks to their work. 

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