How to Make & Fly Paper Airplanes by Captain Ronald S. Barnaby (U.S. Navy, Retired)

$ 6.00

How to Make & Fly Paper Airplanes by Captain Ronald S. Barnaby (U.S. Navy, Retired) is a 83-page paperback published by Bantam Books.  Originally published in 1968, this copy is the 7th printing of 1970.  Outside, there is scuffing to the bottom front cover as well as a small closed tear along the top left front cover.  The spine is gently creased.  Inside, the pages are lightly browned but otherwise clean and with sound binding.

Book Summary

I will guide you along the flight path of the Wright brothers.  You will learn make and fly simple paper gliders and at the same time you will develop an understanding of the basic principles of flight and flight control. 

Next, you will go on to build more sophisticated models.  You will learn how to analyze their flying defects and how to make adjustments to correct and improve performance.

In the final chapters, you will find instructions for putting your models through aerial maneuvers and tips for holding paper airplane contents. 

It is my hope that you will be encouraged to develop and design construction methods of your own.  Who knows.  Perhaps this hobby will lead you into a fascinating career in the aeronautical sciences?  That's how I got started in aviation--by making model gliders.  Now, then before you read on, get yourself a pad of 8 1/2-by-11 inch bond paper, some scotch tape and paper clips, a stapler, and a ruler to help you bend and tear the paper neatly.  If you want to be particularly neat, a pair of scissors will help.  With these materials at hand, you are ready to make and fly paper airplanes.