House of Outrageous Fortune: Fifteen Central Park West, the World's Most Powerful Address by Michael Gross

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House of Outrageous Fortune:  Fifteen Central Park West, the World's Most Powerful Address by Michael Gross is a 394-page hardcover published in 2014 by Atria Books, and is a stated first Atria Books hardcover edition.   The dust jacket shows some creases to both inside flaps.  There is a remainder mark along the bottom page edges.  The book is in pristine condition, with no hint of use.

Book Summary

In House of Outrageous Fortune, America's foremost chronicler of the upper crust, journalist and bestselling author Michael Gross, turns his gimlet eye on the new-money wonderland that's sprung up on the southwest rim of Central Park.  Mixing an absorbing business epic with hilarious social comedy, Gross creates a dishy expose of today's wealthiest and most famous.  This colorful story recounts the record-setting building's inspired genesis, costly construction, and the flashy international lifestyle it has brought to a once benighted and socially declasse Manhattan neighborhood.

With two concierge-staffed lobbies, a walnut-lined library, a lavish screening room, a private sixty-seat restaurant offering residents room service, a health club complete with a seventy-foot swimming pool, and penthouses that cost almost 100 million, Fifteen is the most outrageously successful, insanely expensive, titanically tycoon-stuffed real estate development of the twenty-first century.  And any building that's home to such imaginable wealth and heavyweight egos--will be chock-full of jaw-dropping excess.

Gross won unprecedented access to the people behind this instantly legendary building, including the scions of the fabled Zeckendorf real estate dynasty; their financial backers, Goldman Sachs and Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer; and their "starchitect," Robert A.M. Stern.  Then he drilled past its limestone facade to ferret out the stories Fifteen's fathers and its residents don't want told. 

More than just an apartment building, 15CPW represents a massive paradigm shift in the lifestyle of New York's rich and famous--and is a bellwether of the city's changing social and financial landscape.  With its dazzling detail, House of Outrageous Fortune is a sweeping history of those changes, and it pulls open wide the gilded walls of fifteen to reveal the private lives of that 0.01 percent.

ISBN:  978-1-4516-6619-9