HOTEL: A Novel About A Great Hotel by Arthur Hailey

$ 8.00

HOTEL:  A Novel About A Great Hotel by Arthur Hailey is a 346-page hardcover published in 1965 by Doubleday & Company, Inc., and is a stated Book Club Edition. The dust jacket shows signs of wear, with a missing piece from the spine, tears down the spine, and the paper is dry and cracked..  The spine on this hardcover is slightly cocked but the binding is tight.  There is some foxing on the page edges but the inside pages are very clean and unmarked. The book condition is good. 

Book Summary

Once in a generation there is produced a stirring, exciting story set against the background of a great hotel.  This is such a book.  The scene is the St. Gregory Hotel in the lusty, tumultuous city of New Orleans.  Time:  1964.  Through five eventful days we share the fortunes, conflicts and intimacies affecting the hotel, its guests, its echelon of management.  Across the novel's pages stride memorable characters:  Warren Trent, the St. Gregory's bigoted, irascible owner; his assistant, Christine Francis, vivacious, ardent, yet shadowed by personal tragedy; the young general manager, Peter McDermott, competent and honorable, but a prisoner of his own past discretion; Marsha Preyscott, the teen-age New Orleans heiress, ruthless in attaining her own desires; and also an engaging sous-chef and organizational genius, an embittered young African-American man, a despicable bell captain and purveyor of vice, and a humble disposer of garbage who proves to be a keeper of the hotel's conscience.  And the guests...