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Hemingway by Kenneth S. Lynn

Hemingway by Kenneth S. Lynn

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Kenneth S. Lynn, 'Hemingway,' published by Simon and Schuster (New York), 1987.

Hemingway is a 702 page hardcover measuring 9 1/2" x 6 1/4".  The dust jacket has very light surface rubbing.  Inside, there is a personal note written from the author to the former owners and an address and phone number written on the back page, in ink.  The rest of the book is in very good condition, with clean crisp pages and solid binding.

Book Summary

Ernest Hemingway lived life on an epic scale.  And here, in the most searching and incisive biography of Hemingway ever written, Kenneth Lynn penetrates the larger-than-life public image to reveal the complex personality and contradictory emotions of the real man.  In riveting detail, Lynn re-creates every aspect of Hemingway's colorful life:  from his upbringing at the hands of a domineering mother who dressed him in girl's clothes, to his final act of desperation and despair--a tragic legacy from his manic-depressive father, who also committed suicide.

Reader's of Lynn's brilliant book will never again be able to look at Hemingway the man or read his fiction in the same way.  For behind the super-masculine facade, he was a vulnerable and deeply troubled man, with nightmarish anxieties about his sexual identity, a fierce pride, and a profound impulse toward self-destruction.  Beneath the taut and stoical surface of his work, his fictional heroes wrestled with the same demons because, as Lynn proves, Hemingway almost always wrote about himself, in a never-ending struggle to resolve his own personal conflicts.  Lynn explodes many of the lies Hemingway told about himself that most other biographers have swallowed whole; he explores Hemingway's convoluted relations with women and his preoccupation with the transsexual fantasies and androgynous relationships that were so dramatically exposed to a stunned world with the posthumous publication of his novel The Garden of Eden.  But above all, Lynn has painted a living portrait of Hemingway, the genius, the literary lion--a truly brave and heroic man who created from his own torment some of the most memorable fiction of this century.

ISBN:  0-671-49872-X

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