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Hell Before Breakfast by Robert H. Patton

Hell Before Breakfast by Robert H. Patton

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Hell Before Breakfast by Robert H. Patton is a 345-page hardcover published by Pantheon Books.  Stated first edition of 2014.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

The first "war correspondent," William H. Russell of ]The Times of London, described himself and his profession as "the miserable parent of a luckless tribe."  Others saw it differently:  the war correspondence became the stuff of dreams and an urgent romantic calling...

Now, Robert H. Patton, rediscovers and celebrates, in Hell Before Breakfast, America's first war correspondents, forgotten today but legends in their time.  Here are the men, who, between    1850 and 1914, and particularly during America's Civil War and the Spanish-American War, led the most romantic and thrilling of lives on the edgiest frontiers of time and space, where empires fell and dynasties flourished; they were correspondents who saw the world, broke the story, were making the news during the years when newspapers made available the most foreign of landscapes and their circulation wars were revolutionizing contemporary life, shaping global events, and creating history.

Patton writes of the decades of lightning progress and high adventure, when America was emerging as a great power and the monarchies of Europe battled for dominance through a series of brief, bloody imperial wars.  Here are the fearless young correspondents who were at center stage and, through their on-the-spot reporting, became legends in their time.  

ISBN:  978-0-307-37721-0


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