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Heaven is a Sunswept Hill by Earl Guy

Heaven is a Sunswept Hill by Earl Guy

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Heaven is a Sunswept Hill by Earl Guy is a 220-page hardcover published in 1943 by The Macmillan Company, and is a stated first printing. The dust jacket is in poor condition, with numerous tears and chips.  The book has moderate foxing and tanning but else the binding is solid and the pages are unmarked.  The condition is fair.

Book Summary

This novel glows with warmth and sympathy, and with a new literary quality.  The terrific power of the forces of nature when let loose makes it, as well, a moving and exciting story.

It is a story of those farming people who live on the rich floodlands of the Lower Mississippi and to whom, during the spring when sodden downpours swell the torrential freshets of melting snow, Heaven does indeed seem to be a sunswept hill.

It is a short, fast-paced story covering but a few tense days in the life of Sam and Matty Drindle and their two small daughters.  If the waters rise no  higher than usual, Matty and the little girls, with thew livestock and the household goods, can ride out the flood on the old scow, moored to the sour-gum tree near the barn, while Sam and the other menfolk help at the levee up the river.  There is a magnificent, rude, inarticulate hardiness in Sam's barehanded struggle with nature.  He may be unlettered and poverty-stricken, but nothing can drown his tough will to hang on to the land and home for which he and Matty have labored so lovingly.  Mr. Guy brings him and his family and neighbors splendidly to life, showing all their heroism, and rousing one's admiration.  One likes and admires these people, so shrewd, so humorous, decent, self-reliant.  They are the sort to restore confidence in human nature.

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