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The Standing Rabbit

Headlong by Michael Frayn

Headlong by Michael Frayn

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Headlong by Michael Frayn is a 342-page softcover published by Picador of Henry Holt and Company, 1999.  Apart from some mild rubbing to the cover, the book is in excellent condition.

Book Summary

Invited to dinner by a boorish local landowner, Martin Clay, an easily distracted philosopher, and his art historian wife are asked to assess three sooty paintings languishing in a damp corner.  But hiding beneath the dirt is nothing less--Martin believes--than a priceless lost old master.  So begins a hilarious trail of lies and concealments, desperate schemes, and soaring hopes as Martin, betting all that he owns and much that he doesn't, embarks on a quest to prove his hunch, win his wife over, and separate the painting from its owner.

ISBN:  0-312-26746-0

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