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Graphis Posters 86 by Walter Herdeg

Graphis Posters 86 by Walter Herdeg

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Graphis Posters 86 by Walter Herdeg is a 203-page hardcover published by Graphis Press Corp., 1986.  The dust jacket has a 1/2" closed tear to upper spine, some very minor shelf wear and a bent crease to the inside flap.  The book is structurally sound, with some bumping to the top right corners.  Inside, the pages are crisp and clean, with some very minor creasing to some of the pages.  The binding is tight and the condition is good.

Book Summary

More than other mediums the poster offers the designer an opportunity of putting all his knowledge to the test.  Even if conditions such as tolerance on the part of the client and receptivity on the part of the public are not comparable in every country, the posters chosen from all over the world and shown in this annual prove that good poster design is possible everywhere, as long as creativity, intuition, technical know-how and rationality are combined.  The result, a selection based on over 10,000 posters from about forty countries, is presented by 475 illustrations on 204 pages.  The first section shows the best achievements in the field of poster advertising for fashion, food and drink, tourism, industry, publishing and services; the second section includes theatre, film, exhibitions and cultural events; the third section concerns politics, the environment, religion and education.  Graphis Posters 86 is, as an international overview, a testimony of the most superior poster design of our time.  May the creative works of this book serve as an inspiration and stimulus.

ISBN:  3-85709-386-2

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