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Goren's Bridge Complete by Charles H. Goren

Goren's Bridge Complete by Charles H. Goren

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Goren's Bridge Complete by Charles H. Goren  is a 562-page half-cloth hardcover first published in 1963 by Doubleday & Company, and this copy is the stated seventh printing of November 1966.  The dust jacket shows wear--closed tears along the edges.  Inside, the book shows little indication of use.

Book Summary

This is the one information-packed book that includes clear and simple explanations of basic bridge for beginners as well as the latest data on tournament-winning techniques for advanced players.  Mr. Goren covers his now-standard point-count system, he demonstrates its application in actual play by casual beginners and Life Masters; he discusses the play of the hand, from the elementary finesse to the most advanced squeeze and end-play.  A table of probabilities enables the player to plan the winning offenses and defenses.

Here, truly, is the essential volume on contract bridge for every player. 

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  63-12959

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