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Frida by Bárbara Mujica

Frida by Bárbara Mujica

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Frida by Bárbara Mujica is a 366-page hardcover published in 2001 by The Overlook Press.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

Frida Kahlo, world famous artist and cultural icon, lives a life full of extremes.  Crippled by polio and left barren by a near fatal accident at age eighteen, she went on to marry another towering cultural figure, muralist Diego Rivera.  Filled with passion, love, jealousy and deceit, their story captured the world's imagination.  Told in the voice of Frida's sister Cristina, who is witness to Frida and Diego's tumultuous marriage, this is a brilliantly conceived work of fiction and a vivid portrait of a compelling, unique woman,

ISBN:  1-58567-074-X

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