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Free to Be Human by Eugene Kennedy

Free to Be Human by Eugene Kennedy

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Eugene Kennedy, 'Free to Be Human,' published by The Thomas More Press, 1979.

Free to Be Human is a 174 page hardcover measuring 9 1/2" x 6 1/4".  The dust jacket has rubbing on the spine and small chips and tears along the edges.  Inside, the book is absolutely pristine, with crisp clean unmarked pages and tight binding.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

"Freedom," Albert Camus wrote, "is nothing else but a chance to be better."  And that, says the author, is what most men and women want--to be better, to live more fully, to be at home with the world and themselves, free to be oneself.

This is the fourth in the extremely popular and highly acclaimed series of books which includes The Pain of Being Human, The Joy of Being Human and A Time for Being Human.  Now the brilliant psychologist an best-selling author, Eugene Kennedy, explores the inner barricades which all of us erect in our own journey toward self-realization and happiness.  "Being human seems, to many persons, a bad break," he writes.  "It is the very thing they want to get away from, a kind of jail from which they would break free.  It takes a long time to discover that the human situation is neither prison or illness, an that attempts to escape it or to cure it disappoint and frustrate us bitterly."

This is a collection of essays on being free and being human, each written with a simple but powerfully convincing belief that if you give people enough room and sufficient light they will make their own way to the truth themselves.  "Nobody does that overnight or on a weekend," says the author.  "The freedom to be human is achieved slowly, sometimes painfully, and never without a sense of humor."

ISBN:  0-88347-099-3

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