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The Standing Rabbit

Framed and Signed Artist's Proof of a Jockey on Horse by R. Lury 1979

Framed and Signed Artist's Proof of a Jockey on Horse by R. Lury 1979

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A 1979 hand-pulled artist's proof lithograph signed by R. Lury.  This black and white lithograph expertly captures the action and intensity of a jockey and their horse in competition with carefully placed white and black impressions that capture movement, earth, and speed.  The print is custom framed with a white mat and silver metal frame with brushed sides and flat front and glass.  The back of the frame shows the backing board and hanging wire affixed to the frame with D-rings and adjustable hangers.  The print measures 12 1/4" wide and 9 1/2" tall, and with the mat and frame, the total dimensions are 18 1/4" wide and 16 3/8" tall.  The overall condition is very good.

About Hand-Pulled Prints

A hand-pulled print, or lithograph, is created by the artist directly onto a printing plate, usually made of stone or metal.  What is unique about an original print, is that the image on the printing plate is a mirror image of the final product, so the artist has to produce the art backwards.  Although multiple impressions may be made and then signed and numbered (the group of signed and numbered prints is called the edition), each print is a unique work of art.  Original prints are usually signed in pencil under the bottom right edge of the print.  The edition information is added to the bottom left edge of the print.  The edition information resembles a fraction, with the number of the print made (for example, the 10th print in a series of 100 made) and below, the number of prints that will be made from this print (for example, an edition of 100).  In this instance, the edition information would look like this:  10/100.  The title of the piece is written under the bottom edge of the print in the center.  If the print has "AP" where the title usually goes or next to the edition information, it means that the piece is an "Artist's Proof," which means the artist is still working on the plate and the print is not complete.   

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