Four Strand Brown Faceted Aurora Borealis Necklace with Hand Knotted Beads and Ruby Rhinestone Box Tab Clasp

$ 40.00

A stunning four strand brown faceted Aurora Borealis necklace finished with hand-knotted graduated beads and prong-set and inset ruby rhinestone starburst box tab closure.  The necklace measures 17 3/4" end-to-end across the shortest strand.  The condition is very good.

A Brief History of Aurora Borealis Crystal

Aurora Borealis crystal had its glamorous start in the 1950s when Manfred Swarovsky, son of founder Daniel Swarovsky, teamed up with fashion designer Christian Dior to create exceptional jewelry to go with his revolutionary New Look fashions.  The process of creating the Aurora Borealis effect was inspired by Swarovsky's prior utilitarian application of coating optical lenses with blue metallic coating.  Manfred decided to experiment using this application on cut crystal beads by spraying them with micro-layers of metal and then vaporizing the finish in a vacuum.  The result was shimmering beads that reflected a rainbow of luminescent colors.  The beads came to be known by its trade name, Aurora Borealis, in homage to the charged, dancing ethereal colors of the Northern Lights.

Source:  Swarovski