Fly-Fisherman's Primer by Paul N. Fling and Donald L. Puterbaugh

$ 10.00

Fly-Fisherman's Primer by Paul N. Fling and Donald L. Puterbaugh is a 160-page softcover published by the Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., New York, 1985. The cover has minor scuffing and shelf wear.  Inside, the pages are crisp and clean.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

  • Would you choose hip or chest waders for your first fly-fishing trip?
  • Is the color or the shape of the fly more important?
  • Should you snap or not snap your wrist while casting?

    All these questions and many more are answered in this detailed guide for beginning fly-fishermen.

    Fling and Puterbaugh, who operate their own fly-fishing school, are veterans at teaching newcomers this previously exclusive pursuit.  Everything from choosing the correct line weight to reeling in that first brookie is systematically explained and illustrated with over 100 drawings.  Now everyone can enjoy this fascinating sport.

    • Equipment:  selecting the most appropriate materials for your fishing area
    • Flies:  determining which one is best for special situations; 36 full color patterns are illustrated
    • Wading the stream:  finding the trout in resting, feeding and primary lies
    • Casting:  learning step-by=-step methods that will get the fly where you want it; also, how to present the fly so the trout thinks it is a real insect
    • Plus information on the most common insects and their various stages of development.
    ISBN:  0-8069-7890-2