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Fine Points of Furniture: Early American by Albert Sack

Fine Points of Furniture: Early American by Albert Sack

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Fine Points of Furniture:  Early American by Albert Sack is a 303-page hardcover published by Crown Publishers, Inc., first in 1950, this copy is the third printing of August, 1959.  The dust jacket has numerous chips, tears and surface rubbing but is intact.  Inside, the half-cloth hardcover is in beautiful condition.  There is a nameplate affixed to the inside end page.  The pages are clean and unmarked albeit a bit musty in odor.  The condition is good. 

Book Summary

This is a new kind of handbook for the collector and the antiquarian.  It presents a thorough analysis through pictures and text, of the various elements of design, decoration, craftsmanship, construction and finish of early American furniture, showing with each type discussed three examples--good, better, best--and comparing the relative merits and consequent value differentials of each.  It explains why superficially similar pieces of furniture of the same approximate age and scarcity, and possibly by the same maker, may vary considerably in desirability and worth.  As such it will serve as a unique, indispensable appraiser' guide to collectors in judging and evaluating antiques.


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