Findings by Leonard Bernstein

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Leonard Bernstein, 'Findings,' published by Simon and Schuster, New York, 1982.

Findings is a 376 page hardcover measuring 9 3/8" x 7 1/2".  The dust jacket has moderate surface rubbing but no tears or chips.  Inside, there is an inscription in ink to the previous owner, but else, the pages are clean and unmarked and the binding is straight and tight.  The condition is good.

Book Summary

Here, in the words of Leonard Bernstein, taken from his letters, his writings, his own personal notes, is a brilliant and unexpected self-portrait of the man, the artist, and the life.

Findings is a book of extraordinary discoveries--self-discoveries, musical and personal treasures.  Bernstein's poetry, his essays and correspondence, his critical studies of music and musicians from the great classical masters to pop music and jazz, convey as nothing else can the incredible energy, talent, and genius of the man who more than any other person has confirmed the maturity and the originality of American culture. 

Here are Leonard Bernstein's recollections of his own childhood and family; of his education as a musician and a man; of fifty years of work, from such "popular" successes as Candide, On the Town, and West Side Story to such musical triumphs as his Mass and Kaddish.  Findings is rich in material on Bernstein's thoughts about American music and culture, about the art of conducting, the role of music in the arts and in society, the roots of American too are Bernstein's brilliant and illuminating analyses of the great musical figures of the past who have influenced him most strongly--particularly Beethoven and Mahler.

Findings also offers a rare and moving glimpse into the personal life of Leonard Bernstein.  Richly illustrated with photographs, full of the music, the creativity, the friendships, and the concerns of a man who is at once a great conductor, a composer of extraordinary range, and a deeply involved and passionate citizen of the world, Findings is a book of glowing life and warmth.

ISBN:  0-671-42919-1