Fifi Laupin for LeSportsac Vaudeville Bunny Small Cross Body Bag

$ 15.00

A small cross body style nylon handbag featuring three zipper pouches decorated with various 1930s era rabbits from the "Vaudeville" collection from LeSportsac.  The bag is accessed by three zipper pouches on the front that each open to internal compartments of varying sizes, each fully lined in black nylon.  The bag measures 7 1/4" across, 3 1/4" wide, and 9 1/2" high not including the strap, which is adjustable and attached to the bag with hook trigger style swivel clips.  "LeSportsac" is marked across the black nylon bands supporting the zippers and the condition is very good, with the exception of nearly unnoticeable marks to the white nylon fabric.