Fenton Art Glass (West Virginia, USA) Silver Crest Double Crimped Candle or Epergne Bowl (Without Epergne Vases)

$ 25.00

A doubled crimped large glass bowl with three areas to hold epergne vases or candles from the "Silver Crest" line from Fenton.  The bowl measures 11 1/2" across the rim, 5 1/2" across the low pedestal base, and 4 1/8" high.  The bowl is in very good condition. 

Fenton Art Glass of West Virginia

Fenton Art Glass Company was founded by Frank and John Fenton in 1905 and is best known for producing carnival glass, hobnail milk glass and practical housewares out of its factory in Williamstown, West Virginia.  In 2011, Fenton ceased production of its traditional glass making and refocused its efforts on glass beads and jewelry making. 

The Silver Crest pattern was introduced in 1943 and ceased production in the 1980s.  The pattern was formed by applying an edge of crystal to traditional milk glass pieces.