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Fear of Fifty by Erica Jong

Fear of Fifty by Erica Jong

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Fear of Fifty by Erica Jong is a 325-page hardcover published in 1994 by HarperCollins Publishers as is a stated first edition.  There is some old sticker residue to the front of the dust jacket.  Inside, the pages are clean and unmarked.There is a black remainder mark along the bottom outside page edges.

Book Summary

A publishing event, a real-life novel, Fear of Fifty is the true story of the woman who 20 years ago showed her generation how to soar in Fear of Flying and now looks back--and ahead--to assess the costs, the rewards, and the meaning of the journey.

Opening on her 50th birthday, Erica Jong's midlife memoir read like fast-paced fiction as it flashes back and forth in time to tell at last the truths at the heart of her novels. Poet, novelist, essayist, Jong has forged one of the most visible, and volatile, careers in American letters, and as a charter member of what she calls the "whiplash generation," she has had a front-row seat on the roller coaster American women have been riding for the past decades. Raised to be Doris Day, growing up wanting to be Gloria Steinem, now rearing daughters in the age of Princess Di and Madonna, today's women have had their expectations raised and dashed and raised and dashed again, as they watch themselves go in and out of style like hemlines. Now as she and her contemporaries look for answers to the second half of their lives, Jong offers powerful, provocative insights into sex, marriage, and aging feminism past, present, and future; the writing life; mother and family; identity and love, loyalty and loss, Jong through the brilliant prism of her own experience.

Fear of fifty is an intoxicating, riveting read, freewheeling and fun, warm, tough, and full of wisdom. Sure to be embraced by women everywhere, it is destined, like it's classic predecessor Fear of Flying, to become required reading for generation on the threshold of a new  revolution.

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