Enjoying Gymnastics by the Diagram Group

$ 8.00

The Diagram Group, 'Enjoying Gymnastics,' published by Paddington Press Ltd. by Two Continents Publishing Group, 1976.

Enjoying Gymnastics is a 159 page softcover measuring 9 1/4" x 6".  There is a crease on the front cover across the top right edge and on the back cover along the top that is barely perceptible.  There is some minor rubbing to the cover due to age and use.  Inside, the binding is tight and the pages are crisp and clean.  The condition is very good..

Book Summary

Gymnastics is one the the purest of all sporting activities, proving the human body capable of movements and forms of the greatest beauty.  In his or her actions the gymnast expresses rhythms and shapes that are the basis of music, art, and architecture.  When we watch a successful gymnast it is as though we are seeing the true function of the human frame.

The complete guide for Enjoying Gymnastics:  from keeping fit (exercising and simple yoga) to understanding competitive gymnastics (approved by official 1976 Olympic authorities) as well as the natural extension of gymnastics into ballet, skating and diving.  More than 1,500 drawings and 20 photographs plus a complete glossary of terms.

ISBN:  0-8467-0141-3