Empoli (Italy) Hand Blown Amber Optic Glass Fishbowl Vase

$ 20.00

An amber colored hand blown optic glass fishbowl vase with wafer stem and pedestal base from the Empoli region of Italy.  The vase measures 3 1/4" across the rim, 4 1/2" across the base, 5 1/4" across the mid-body, and 8 1/2" high.  The condition is very good, with no chips, cracks, or repairs. 

Empoli Art Glass from Italy

The Empoli region of Italy has been a center for glass manufacturing for hundreds of years.  Glass produced in the Empoli region are known for simple fishbowl shapes and vibrant colors, such as the "Empoli Verde," or green glass created by the mineral content in the sand used during the glass making process.  Much of Empoli glass that was imported to America during the mid-twentieth century came with just a "Made in Italy" foil sticker, so tracing a piece back to the original factory of origin can be difficult, but there are enough common characteristics of Empoli Art Glass (thickness of glass, lack of pontil mark on the bottom, patterns, shapes, and sizes) that can help make a sound judgement on if a piece is authentic Empoli Art Glass.

Source Material:  Ruby Lane Blog