Edwin M. Knowles China Company (West Virginia, USA) "The Grand Finale" Wizard of Oz Limited Edition Plate

$ 25.00

A 1979 porcelain decorative plate, an authentic original in the limited edition of "The Grand Finale" ("We're Off to See the Wizard") painted by the American portraitist James Auckland under exclusive commission as the Plate 8, the final issue in the only official collector plate series commemorating Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's The Wizard of Oz.  The plate measures 10" across and sits 3/4" high.  The official issue date of this final plate in the series is August 17, 1979 and the included certificate of authenticity confirms the plate number as 19410F.  The condition of the plate is pristine, with no chips, cracks, scratches, or repairs.   The certificate of authenticity has some creases.

Safety Note

This plate is not for serving food because of rare metal pigments used for color fidelity.