East Side Story by Louis Auchincloss

$ 10.00

East Side Story by Louis Auchincloss is a 227-page hardcover published in 2004 by Houghton Mifflin Company, New York.  The overall condition of both dust jacket and book is very good. 

Book Summary

Auchincloss's new novel is a tour de force that charts the rise of one uncommon family in America's grand city.  

How did the families who lived on Manhattan's Upper East Side get to where they are today?  As much a penetrating social history as it is engaging fiction, East Side Story tells of the Carnochans, a family whose Scottish forebears establish themselves in New York's textile business during the Civil War.  From there they quickly move on to seize prominent positions in the country's top schools and Manhattan's elite firms.  As the novel unfolds, family members across several generations recount their stories, illuminating lives steeped in both good fortune and moral jeopardy.  From women who outsmart their foolish husbands, to ambitious lawyers who protect the Carnochan name, to the family's artists and writers, all weigh the question that infuses so much of Auchincloss's fiction:  what makes for a meaningful like in a family that has so much?

ISBN:  0-618-45244-3