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Duane's Depressed by Larry McMurtry

Duane's Depressed by Larry McMurtry

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Duane's Depressed by Larry McMurtry is a 431-page hardcover published in 1999 by Simon & Schuster.  The dust jacket has light rubbing.  Else, the book is in very good condition without much evidence of use.

Book Summary

Funny, sad, full of wonderful characters and the word-perfect dialogue of which he is the master, Larry McCurtry's new novel is the final and eagerly awaited volume in the trilogy that now includes The Last Picture Show, Texasville, and Duane's Depressed.

Set in Thalia, Texas, the small town that McMurtry literally put on the map when he wrote The Last Picture Show, Duane's Depressed follows those of the characters who have survived into their twilight years.

In The Last Picture Show and the books that follow, McMurtry has created a cast that has achieved instant recognition, both in prints and on the screen--Duane and his friend and rival, Sonny, both high school seniors in the small and shrinking oil patch town of Thalia, obsessed with sex and touchingly vulnerable behind a facade iof teenage toughness; Jacy, the prettiest (and richest) girl in town, who survives small-town teenage sex to become a movie star; Ruth Popper, the sadly romantic wife of Coach Popper; Jacy's hell-raising mother Karla, who later marries Duane; Lester, the high school geek who goes on to become the town banker and eventually does time in prison for writing up inappropriate loans--all with a life of their own, as rich and as surprising as only Larry McMurtry can imagine. 

Now, in Duane's Depressed, McMurtry brings the Thalia saga to an end with Duane's confronting depression in the midst of plenty...

ISBN:  0-684-85497-X

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