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Don't Forget to Write by Art Buchwald

Don't Forget to Write by Art Buchwald

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Don't Forget to Write by Art Buchwald is a 316-page hardcover published by The World Publishing Company, 1958, stated first edition.  The dust jacket has small open and closed tears along the edges.  Inside, the cloth bound hardcover shows some bumping to the spine, foxing along the upper-outside page edges, but is otherwise clean and unmarked.

Book Summary

Don't Forget to Write is a collection of very amusing articles containing ingredients of humor which range from an occasional guffaw to the subtly smile of self-recognition.  In a word--this is entertainment--meant to be picked up for short takes at bedside, or to sustain an entire transatlantic trip (by jet, of course) with enough left over for the time you have for reading when you get there.

The author is Art Buchwald, a young man who has been writing columns for the Paris edition of the New York Herald Tribune for twelve years.  There are 85 choices in this book and you can begin anywhere.  If you want to be traditional, just this once, and start at the beginning, you will find some exceptionally memorable selections under the collective title "What's Nous."  Buchwald writes some of his best things en famille.  With a wife and three children to pick on, he has a fine time with the divorce counselor (everybody's getting a divorce but us), and Christmas lists (but darling, they gave us a letter opener last year).  And how to get a hot water heater fixed in Paris or a child's hair cut anywhere are good for a grin, even if you have neither a child nor a heater.

If you choose to open this book anywhere, you may come upon a piece or more on tourists--fortunately most of these are good tourists.  But it is not surprising that Buchwald abhors and dissects delightfully the whole category of "ugly Americans."  Or there are potentates, celebrities, rich people, politics, television, wine, taxi drivers, tipping, and just Art Buchwald being himself.

Library of Congress Catalof Card Number:  60-11450

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