Desolation Angels A Novel By Jack Kerouac

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Desolation Angels A Novel By Jack Kerouac is a 409-page softcover from Riverhead Books, published by the Berkeley Publishing Group, first published in 1965, this copy is the stated first Riverhead edition of September, 1995.  Apart from the most minor wear to the cover edges, the book is in very good condition.

Book Summary

Those afternoons, those lazy afternoons, when I used to sit, or lie down, on Desolation Peak, sometimes on the alpine grass, hundreds of miles of snowcovered rock all around, looming Mount Hozomeen on my north, vast snowy Jack to the south, the encharmed picture of the lake below to the west and the snowy hump of Mt. Baker beyond, and to the east the rilled and ridged monstrosities humping to the cascade ridge, and after that first time suddenly realizing "It's me that's changed and done all this and come and gone and complained and hurt and joyed and yelled, not the Void" so that every time I thought of the void I'd be looking at Mt. Hozomeen (because chair and bed and meadowgrass faced north) until I realized "Hozomeen is the void--at least Hozomeen means the void to my eyes"--

With the publication of On the Road in 1957, Jack Kerouac became at once the spokesman and hero of the Beat Generation.  Along with such visionaries as William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, Kerouac changed the face of American literature, igniting a counterculture revolution that even now, decades later, burns brighter than ever in Desolation Angels

ISBN:  1-57322-505-3