Daniel Boulud's Cafe Boulud Cookbook: French-American Recipes for the Home Cook by Daniel Boulud

$ 15.00

Daniel Boulud's Cafe Boulud Cookbook:  French-American Recipes for the Home Cook by Daniel Boulud is a 400-page hardcover published by Scribner, 1999. The dust jacket has some rubbing, shelf wear along the edges, and a chip along the top of the spine.  The half-cloth maroon and brown hardcover has gilt lettering on the spine.  The cover is pristine.  Inside, the pages are in very good condition.

Book Summary

"Cook the sauce another minute.  Then add just a touch of olive oil," urges Daniel Boulud in his kitchen at Cafe Boulud in New York City.  "Not too much.  That's it" he exclaims.  His voice carries his passion as he swirls the copper pan holding the finished dish.  Over the tops of his glasses he assesses the color and takes in the aroma of the sauce.  Then he brings a few drops of it to his lips.  After thirty years of cooking in France and America, the chef knows what he wants.  "I'm looking for balance" he explains.  "A hint of herb.  A little acidity--sweet seafood needs a bit of sharpness--and all the brininess and flavor of the scallops."  It is a simple but perfect recipe and it has been given all his attention, commitment, and talent--as have each of the recipes in this simple but perfect cookbook.

Daniel Boulud's Cafe Boulud Cookbook contains all his creative cooking skills made accessible.  By means of Dorie Greenspan's expertly written recipes, Daniel accompanies you into your home kitchen, where his inspiration becomes yours and his instructions are easy to follow.  With little effort, you find yourself reproducing his magic on your own stove.