Cradle by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee

$ 12.00

Cradle by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee is a 293-page hardcover published in 1988 by Warner Books and is a stated first printing.  There is a name and address of the previous owner written, in ink, on the front pastedown.  The rest of the book is in good original condition.

Book Summary

Arthur C. Clark's brilliant imagination now spawns a spine-tingling modern adventure of suspense, intrigue, and passionate that ranges from the unguessable past to the edge of tomorrow, from the vast ocean of stars to the bottom of the sea. And one that forces military spies, waring high-tech treasure hunters, and a beautiful, ambitious reporter to confront a horrifying challenge pivotal to world destiny--or human extinction.

Miami photojournalist Carol Dawson arrives in Key West to cover a whale beaching. The vast gentle animals have been tragically casting themselves ashore, their navigational instincts gone Haywire. But Carrol's real story is to investigate rumors that the U.S. Navy misfired and lost the prototype for its new Panther missile. Using a state-of-the-art ocean "telescope," Carol hopes to grab the Panther and expose a Navy cover up.

She covertly charters the diving boat Florida Queen, Captain by Nick Williams, a woman-hating ivy league dropout still scarred by a traumatic youthful of fair. But Nick has his own agenda. Cheated out of his share of a sunken treasure, Nick wants to get even with his ex-partners--a kinky pair whose S&M games turn lethal when their secret gold hoard is threatened. Trapped in a clash of conspiracies; pursued by killers, military police, and a relentless alien force; the three adventurers must solve a mystery beyond comprehension.

ISBN:  0-446-51379-2