Corning Inc. (New York, USA) Pyrex Avocado Green Cinderella Nesting Bowls, Set of 3

$ 30.00

A set of three Cinderella nesting bowls of different sizes and shades of green from Pyrex.  Each bowl measures 7 1/2" across the rim and between 2" to 3 1/4" high.  The bottoms are marked with the Pyrex stamp, and the condition of each is very good, with the only flaw noted is some mild wear to the middle-sized bowl's green to the area where the bowls have been stacked.

Corning Glass Works and Pyrex

From Wikipedia:  Pyrex was created in 1915 when chemists at Corning Glass Works invented a new kind of borosilicate glass that could withstand extreme temperature fluctuations.  Soon after, popular over-to-table-to-refrigerator household kitchenware was introduced.  The continued popularity of Pyrex over the years saw the creation of nested and Cinderella mixing bowls, casseroles, divided servers, refrigerator sets, carafes, and dinnerware (to name a few) in bright colors and lively patterns.