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Conned Again, Watson by Colin Bruce

Conned Again, Watson by Colin Bruce

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Conned Again, Watson by Colin Bruce is a 290-page hardcover published by Perseus Publishing and is the stated first printing of November 2000.  The dust jacket has light surface rubbing.  Inside, the pages are clean and unmarked, and the binding is tight.

Book Summary

In this marvelous book, Colin Bruce recreates the atmosphere of the original Sherlock Holmes stories to shed light on an enduring truth:  Our reliance of common sense--and ignorance of mathematics--often gets us into trouble.  In these cautionary tales of greedy gamblers, reckless businessmen, and ruthless con men, Sherlock Holmes uses his deep understanding of probability, statistics, decision theory, and game theory to solve crimes and protect the innocent.

But it's not just the characters in these well-crafted stories that are deceived by statistics or fall prey to gambling fallacies.  We all suffer from the results of poor decisions.  In this illuminating collection, Bruce entertains while teaching us to avoid similar blunders.  There has never been a more exciting way to learn when to take a calculated risk--and how to spot a scam. 

ISBN:  0-7382-0345-9

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